Monday, March 26, 2012

The 50K that wasn't

IMG_1698 (1)
A photo by Greg Norrander, thanks Greg.  Here is a link to all his photos from the Buffalo Run 2012.

In endurance events, you get what you prepare for, and I wasn't prepared.

When I registered for this event I had some pretty lofty goals, but those were more or less left in the dust on Antelope Island.  In the two months leading up to the race my work schedule went into high-gear and severely impacted my training schedule, especially the available time for long runs.  I think it was that lack of time on my feet that lead to the this DNF at the 2012 Buffalo Run 50K. Ok, so I guess it was technically a DNF but Jim Skaggs is kind enough to let a weeny like me finish as a 25K runners if you decide to bail on the 50K.  So I finished the 25K, but to me it is still a DNF and therefore a skeleton in the ultra-closet to cleared next year.

So the DNF is disappointing, but what I am happy about is that I was able to decide to not force myself into finishing that 50K.  I think I have learned to listen to my body and it was saying, "look, we could gut this out, but it's gonna really suck afterwards and for the next week, and you have a lot of work to do before Pocatello." I listened and feel good about that decision.

My disappointing performance was only made more uncomfortable by a leaky bladder. No, not that one, I'm not incontinent yet. My Nathan HPL#020 leaked like a sieve down my back and ass for the entire run.

  • Note-To-Self: Nuun tabs don't belong in a bladder pack. 

Ok, enough self-deprecation and whining. My ass was kicked.

Jim Skaggs put on a great event.  The volunteers were awesome and everything seemed very well organized.  I wish I could have stuck around and tried some of Jim's home brew and buffalo chili, but that will have to wait until next year. Antelope Island has a beautiful system of trails and I am going to have to spend more time out there running and biking.

Nine weeks until Pocatello and a lot of work to to be done.